A Broken Instrument


May, 1590: Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth’s feared spymaster, is dead. And someone is unraveling his networks. A perfect instrument of intelligence has become broken.

Three men are plunged into the morass of Elizabethan intelligence operations.

Robert Poley: He ran some of those networks in Flanders. He has to catch the traitor.

Nick Crossby: Deep cover in Flanders for several years. Running for home wounded with his cover blown, he might know who burned him.

Richard Helmsley: English Catholic agent in exile. Chasing after Nick at the orders of his master, Hugh Owen, Catholic spymaster in Flanders.

They all come together in London. Secrets will be revealed and blood will be spilled. Because in London is also Mad Meg, crime queen, and her silver cleaver.


I was trying for Jason Bourne in Elizabethan England, if Jason Bourne was played by Ray Winstone.

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